Online Jobs For Teenagers: Your Key To Stable Income

The internet has come and literally changed every aspect of our lives. More and more teenagers are spending a lot of time on the internet chatting with friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter. A lot of schoolwork is also done on the web and there is no limit to the information you can find on the worldwide web. But, did you know there are thousands of online jobs for teenagers?

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Yes, the internet can provide gainful employment for teenagers, and anyone can find them.

What Does A Teenager Need To Get An Online Job?

First, you need good computer skills. These may include the ability to type very fast, the ability to research using internet search engines like Google, etc. It is these skills that will enable you to search for the jobs, or actually carryout some of those online jobs like article writing.

Secondly, you need a good internet connection. By good, I mean it should be fast and stable. There is nothing that can spoil your money making appetite like a snail-like connection that takes forever to open a new page, and just as the page is opening the connection is broken! It can be very frustrating. You need a good connection in order to make it, because many jobs have a time limit within which they must be jobs for teenagers

You also need a quiet place that will be conducive to the work that you will be doing, especially if that work requires concentration. An example of work that needs absolute quiet is online writing jobs.

How Can One Avoid Internet Job Scams?

The internet has some very good opportunities to make money, as well as thousands of scammers who are out there to use unsuspecting people to do task and leave them unpaid. While there are no straight lasers to point out the phony jobs, some general rules should help you avoid most of the crooks on the web.

i)  Be suspicious of sites that promise to pay you abnormal fees for mundane tasks. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are high it is not true. If for example you read an advert telling you to apply and start doing simple data entry for say 50 dollars an hour, it is very likely that those are crooks. Investigate further if your gut leads you to suspect a site you have picked interest in.

ii)  Do not pay any registration fees. Most legitimate sites are free to join so those that ask for a membership fee are probably scammers. The exception is those that allow you to sign up free of charge, let you work and then give you the option of paying for extra features that are not available on the free platform. You will find it easy to decide since you will have got first hand information on what you can benefit from that site.

iii)  Conduct a search about experiences of those who have used that site. You can Google the name of the site and add the word “reviews”. Many web pages will be available for you to open and read what people have to say about that company or website. If more bad than good comments show up, run!

iv)  Be wary of sites that ask you to do samples they give you as a test. All legit websites do not ask you to do work for which you will not be paid. What they normally do is that they request you to upload your own samples that will be used to judge your abilities. All special request samples are most likely from people who will take your superb work and vanish, only to target others eager for a gig.

v)  Research the fees charged by the site for allowing you to use its platform. Most legitimate websites get paid by the people posting jobs and only charge the contractor a nominal fee. If the charge off your pay is high, say 30%, that site is not a good one to work on. Keep looking.

The tips above will help you get the hang of the basics of screening jobs to sniff out the obvious scams but you will have to hone your skills as you go along. So, now you are ready to begin job hunting!

What Are The Legitimate Online Jobs For Teenagers?

Depending on your skills set, the amount of time you have at your disposal, your interests, etc. there are a number of job openings that you can put into consideration. There is something for everyone.

1.  Be paid to take online surveys.

This is a breeze, even for someone new to the internet. There are very many companies that want to get information about their existing or new products. They need this information from actual people that are willing to share their views about the products.

The information they gather enable them to gauge changes in consumer profiles and preferences and this is used to design new marketing tools or change the products to suit the new customer tastes.

It is these companies that recruit people to take paid online surveys and they pay them for their time and willingness to share.

This is where you come in. You enroll on one or several of these sites, provide them with general information about you such as where you live, your age, and other related information. The survey companies will then start sending you surveys from time to time and they will pay for each survey you complete.

The payment can vary from actual cash to gift vouchers that can be redeemed at given outlets. You can select surveys that pay you in the mode that you are comfortable with. Some companies even give you their products for free so that you can tell them what you think about those products! The more survey companies you can sign up for, the more the money making chances you will be able to attract.

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2.  Be paid to write articles.

There is a huge market out there for articles on all sorts of subjects from pets, computers, phones and rocket science. If you look hard enough, you will find credible websites that act as intermediaries between writers and requesters.

Most content generating sites are free to join but some may have additional requirements such as doing tests to grade your linguistic ability. Some may even ask you to upload copies of your academic papers so that they can verify your level of jobs for teenagers

The majority let you sign up and you begin to take on assignments that you feel you can handle. The catch is that you will be rated on the basis of your work and those ratings can affect your pay and the volume of work you can claim at any one time.

It is therefore very important that you do your best to present only high quality work so that you can rise in the rankings.

3.  Set up an affiliate marketing website.

Affiliates are paid commissions for selling products on behalf of other people. This system grew out of the realization that people easily buy from those they know so makers of products started allowing people to sell for them.

This is done by giving the affiliate marketer an affiliate link that has a special code identifying that individual. Each time a visitor to your site clicks that link and buys a product, the systems credits you for that sale and you are given a commission. The commissions vary from network to network or company to company. Some even offer affiliates 75% of the sale price!

The key is to set up a good website that has quality content and earns the trust of visitors so that when you recommend a product to them, they will follow your advice and buy because you say that product will give them good value.

It helps to select quality products that you have used because you will be marketing them as a satisfied user and you can address whatever queries the readers of your posts make about that product.

The truth is that affiliate marketing has created many millionaires but this cannot happen overnight. A lot of hard work is needed, especially in the beginning but once the dollars start rolling in, things keep getting better and better.

Your work is to research which niche you will get involved in, set your plan of how to get traffic to your website or blog and then choose the affiliate programs to join.

4.  Write academic essays and get paid.

This is a particularly good option for those in school. There are many websites that have work for people who can write essays and term papers. This is serious work that must be written following clear guidelines on matters like citing information sources, the style used to write the paper, etc.

If you are up for the challenge, just do an internet search for sites that have this service and sign up. Many sites assess applicants to ensure only quality people are allowed to join. If you are not good at meeting deadlines, you are better off looking elsewhere for employment.

5.  Set up an online store or shop.

The internet is a free for all resource and one of the ways you can use it to create an online job for yourself as a teenager is to set up a shop where you can sell anything you no longer need.

To do this, you will need to set up a payment system that buyers of what you have to sell will use to pay you. There are many companies that provide online payment platforms that can process credit cards and other payment options.

What will be critical is the set up of how you can get the product moved to the client, as well as ensuring the financial information of customers is safe from illegal access. Merchant account providers can take care of these security needs and you will have your brand new business ready to mint cash for you.

6.  Make money playing online games.

Every teenager loves to have fun, right? Playing games is one of the ways through which teenagers have fun and many online portals offer the latest games for free. Well, things just got better for teenagers out there! There are websites where you can be paid to play games. The better you can play, the more you will earn. The amounts may not be mind boggling but it is better than nothing and you will have had fun.

7.  Be an online tutor.

There is some technology needed to set this up. You need a webcam and some basic software to facilitate making presentations and carrying out consultations. When you have it in place, you can offer your special skills such as a foreign language and clients will pay you handsomely to benefit from your tutoring. You can even teach a kid in another state and time zone and help to improve his grades in Chemistry or any other subject you are good at.

8.  Offer freelance graphics design, programming, etc.

There are several freelancing websites where you can sell your skills in areas like graphics designing, transcribing, etc. What is paramount here is that you have to be able to deliver high quality work so that your services will be constantly on demand. High quality will also allow you to charge top dollar for your services.


There has been a deliberate attempt to avoid naming particular websites as legit because things do change rapidly on the internet. If your interest was sufficiently aroused, you will be able to conduct research that will enable you to find what will be suitable for you. Remember, there are fraudsters out there so you should be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Be prepared to experiment and try out different things. You will learn a lot as you conduct this search and you may even get something that you end up doing for the rest of your life.


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