5 Best Jobs For 14 Year Olds

Instead of spending all their free time playing and messing up your neatly organized home, why not send your teen out as there are plenty of jobs for 14 year olds that are appropriate for his or her age? They will not only earn some extra money to spend as they wish, they will also get some real life lessons on matters like time keeping, responsibility in handling money, planning, and many other very useful skills.

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You may think that in this depressed economy it is near impossible to find jobs for 14 year olds but the task is not as hard as it initially looks. There are many places that actually hire exactly that age group for particular jobs.

Care must be taken to avoid violating laws governing the employment of minors. There are laws stipulating how many hours a day that a 14 year old is allowed to work, the latest time they should be at work as well as the nature of jobs they can hold. Find out the applicable laws in your state then go looking for that job.

jobs for 14 year olds

Our Five Best Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Packing groceries at stores

Great jobs for 14 year olds can be found  in a supermarket or grocery store to pack groceries for customers. This is a simple job and you will easily do it during the hours when you are not at school. You just need to be quick, tidy and pleasant to the people you are packing the items for.

Take tickets at a movie theater

This can be one of the  interesting  jobs for 14 year olds. As moviegoers walk in, your task will be to receive the ticket of each person as they walk into the theater. This will occupy you for that one hour or two before a movie starts and when it is underway, you can catch a breather until they stream out and another movie is due to start. You stand a chance not only to earn but also make lots of friends; watch those movies featured and many other related benefits.

You can be an assistant cashier

All you need to do for this job at a supermarket, Movie Theater or grocery store is to count out the change to be handed to customers, or help the cashier count the cash at the end of the day. The skill you need for this is some basic mathematics as well as an eye for detail and being cautious.

You can work at radio stations providing voice over services

As far as the five best jobs for 14 year olds I think is the coolest as many radio programs or adverts need an authentic teenage voice to deliver a certain message. This is when you come in to provide them with that exact voice they need for the program. To get this job, you will need to make a recording of yourself saying some fun stuff and armed with this recording, you can visit a number of radio stations in your area and let them know you are available to help them out. Do not be put down if they tell you they are not hiring, just cheerfully tell them they can always call you when something comes up. If you presented yourself well, chances are high that one of the places you gave samples of your recordings will call you about a job.

You could also be a newspaper delivery boy for your area

Have you noticed that every day the local paper gets delivered right at your doorstep? This is work you can easily do. You can apply to the local paper and ask them to assign you a route that you can service. This will be easy to do as you will simply get on your bike and drop a copy of the newspaper at the addresses given to you. You get paid while enjoying a bike ride in the neighborhood!

Conclusion for the best jobs for 14 year olds

Use your imagination and get into something that will give you some income, teach you a skill and get that excess free time off your back. You will enjoy the experience it gives you and you will prepare yourself for adult employment. There are many more jobs for 14 year olds that you can try out.

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