Get The Best Jobs For 15 Year Olds

Wow, best jobs for 15 year olds, where do I start, a teenager is full of energy and loves to keep busy doing this or that. This phase can result in some very disruptive behavior if not well directed or supervised. Rather than let all this energy go to waste, why not expend it in a money making venture?

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There are many jobs for 15 year olds that they can do in their free time when they are not at school such as during the summer, over the weekends or in the evening after school. The following are some job ideas you could follow up either to work for yourself or work for someone.

Five Great Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Offer car washing services

I am sure you have washed your dad’s car at least once and he was very pleased with the results of your work. Well, why not take it to next level and offer to wash the cars in the neighborhood for a fee? To do this really well, you may need a pump to give the cars a jet wash. Other than that, the other requirements are pretty basic; sponges, shampoo, detergents and space to dry off the cars from. If your business gets very many customers, you can hire other boys in the locality to work for you as well!jobs for 15 year olds

Can you paint? Offer to paint numbers on curbs

Now you are at the great age of 15, there are awesome jobs for 15 year olds, you could contact your local authority offices and tell them you have a painting kit and you can paint house numbers on curbs in the area. The kit will cost you some money, but once you have it, it can be used for a very long time before it needs replacement. You need to be sure of your artistic abilities and avoid ruining the curbs with an unsteady hand. There could be other openings that may come to you once you start and people see that you are handy with a paint brush.

Offer dog washing and grooming services

Almost every home has a dog or two and not many people enjoy grooming the dog themselves, so this can be one of the very rewarding jobs for 15 year olds. Many would love to but they are very busy working and cannot spare the time necessary to wash their dogs. This is an opportunity for you to let people in the neighborhood know that you can do this work for them. Before long, you have people flocking to you to give you their dogs for washing. For this service, you will need very little by way of equipment. Dog shampoo and brushes plus a good supply of water will be just about all you need. Just base on what you use for cleaning your dog at home to determine what you need to buy. Do not deplete the home supplies for your business!

Work as a lifeguard

If there is a popular swimming spot near your home, there could be  lifeguard jobs for 15 year olds and earn by helping to watch over those that are swimming. To do this, you need to be a good swimmer and quite strong because it can be a very taxing job to get someone out of the water if they were drowning. You will need to be trained first before you can do this work. Your duties may also include teaching those who want to learn how to swim. This job, as you know, will mainly be available in the summer since very few people fancy a swim in the winter or in the colder months of the year.

Work at an ice-cream parlor as a salesperson

Go out to your favorite ice-cream joint and you will discover that the people working there are no older than you. This means you too can do that work so get busy applying to that very one and others in the area. One of them will say yes and offer you work hours that fit in nicely with your school schedule. You will be on your way to earning those extra dollars you need, there also other fast food outlets that could offer jobs for 15 year olds.


Always remember that the job you get should not dominate your life and mind. You are still in school and your studies must be the top priority in your life. The work should therefore not be so heavy that it renders you unable to go to school the next day or leave you dozing while at school. Have fun and go out and look for some great jobs for 15 year olds.

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