Jobs For 16 Year Olds: Where To Find Them?

Well here you are a mid-teenager and it is time to look for jobs for 16 year olds. With the tough phase that most economies have been going through, a lot of working people have lost jobs, and many entrants into the job market are finding it hard to get hired. As a 16 year old you have an advantage of being young, enthusiastic and willing to work for less per hour than an adult.

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It is tough, but not impossible to get jobs for 16 year-olds. Keep in mind the fact that since you are 16, most openings will be part-time; you wouldn’t want to leave school, would you? Well, the following information will help you in your quest for that elusive job.


What Information Should You Be Armed With?

As scouts, we used to chant Be prepared, is our motto! As a 16-year-old looking for a job, that chant provides you with very timely advice for you may have only one shot to impress and land that job. Have the following information ready before you go job hunting:

  • Your full name.
  • Contact address (home, email, phone number, etc).
  • The final four figures on your social security number.
  • Where you lived before you moved to the present address.
  • The hours and days that you would wish to work.
  • Your employment history.
  • Your criminal record (if any).
  • A detailed resume.
  • What position(s) you are interested in.
  • How much you are willing to work for.

This, plus any other necessary information that you can have will save you a lot of blushes when you cannot answer instantly.


How Can You Prepare For The Interview?

It helps to have a positive attitude, and expecting to be interviewed for a number of positions before one is finally offered to you will enable you to mentally prepare to convince your interviewers.Jobs For 16 Year Olds

One area they will wish to probe you about is how you would react to a variety of situations. These situations are normally taken from the events that occur in the course of working in a particular place. An example would be a question requiring you to explain how you would handle a restaurant customer who orders for a meal and then as it is being brought, he stands up to leave.

This is an opportunity for you to display your problem solving skills, as well as an understanding that the customer is always king so arguments are a no-go area.

Most jobs for 16 year olds will have this kind of interview just as all other jobs have interviews too so research scenarios that different jobs present their workers on a daily basis and prepare responses that show you are going to be a good employee.


Is It Legal To Work?

Seek for the opinion of your school counselor or parents on the laws applicable to jobs for 16 year olds. At this age, you are expected to be still in school so only part time jobs as well as those without considerable risk will be open to you. There will be jobs that are legal for you, and those that you are not permitted to do.


Once I am Given The Job, What Next?

You are very lucky! Get to work and do your best to show commitment, hard work, willingness to learn and be guided, be trustworthy and do all you can to be a valuable employee. You will become indispensable and once you choose to leave, you will be given a glowing recommendation that will make it easier for you to get another job in the future.


8 Awesome Jobs for 16 Year Olds

You should be flexible as you embark on your hunt for a job. Remember even grownups are job hunting so you should be glad to grab at whatever opening comes your way, as long as it is safe, legal and fits into your school schedule. The list below should open your eyes as to where to look for jobs for 16 year olds.

a)      Cashier positions. You can competently receive cash at a restaurant, supermarket, theatre, etc. Your job hunt should therefore have the possibility of  being a cashier as one of the things you can do, and you should be on the lookout as this is one of the awesome jobs for 16 year olds.

b)      Waiter or waitress. can comfortably wait on tables in a restaurant if you are in good physical shape and are calm enough to work under pressure during rush hour.This is an ideal job for 16 year olds as you can work the shift when you are not at school. You need to be quick on your feet, attentive to detail, courteous and have a pleasant personality in order to make it as a waiter or waitress.

c)       Be a tutor. What are you good at?  How can you turn your talent into interesting and fun  jobs for 16 year olds. Let us start from school; if you are very good at a certain subject, such as mathematics, you can communicate your availability to tutor your classmates who are struggling, for an hourly fee. This can be excellent as you earn while mastering your schoolwork. Any other ability that you have can also be “rented out”.

d)      Be an usher or host of an event. You can seek for a part time job as an usher to guide theatergoers to their seats or any other event. Your help can also be needed at hotels to guide patrons to their reserved tables.

e)      Offer baby sitter services. You can do a short course and qualify to babysit children, and this can earn you an income when you are not at school.

f)       Lawn service. Start, or apply to work with a company that offers landscaping or lawn services. It will fit in well with your hours off school, making it a great job for 16 year olds.

g)      Be a dog walker. Many people are too busy to get time to walk their dogs. This is an opportunity for you to make some money so offer your services.

h)       Be a farm worker. You can work at a nearby farm picking eggs, helping with fruit harvesting, weeding and general yard work, making this a very rewarding job for 16 year olds.

Final Thoughts on Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Only your imagination will limit you in your hunt for a job you like and will pay well. Go out, be humble, be willing to accept positive criticism and you will never be out of work. Your parents will be proud of you and you will have means to be more independent from the financial hand outs of your parents.  As you can see the possibilities for getting jobs for 16 year olds are endless.

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